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Maisum Dhirani is a Super Agent.

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HE IS A toronto-based Real Estate Broker, entrepreneur & marketing specialist.



"Born and raised in Toronto, my knowledge, devotion and adoration for my city is one that is vast, firmly rooted and runs deep. Growing up as a little boy in the mid-to-late 80’s, everyone including both of my parents had a tendency of shortening my birth name from 'Maisum' to simply 'Mase' (pronounced 'mace') and this nickname, in essence, became my identity."



"After attaining my Bachelor of Business & Administration (specializing in Marketing) from the University of Toronto back in 2005, I first got into the lending field, which naturally evolved into finding dream homes for buyers. And so, a career was born. But moreover, a passionate fascination with real estate was acquired." 



"Mase is and has always been very professional! A great agent to work with, who always has our best interest when giving recommendations and valuable advice. "

O.F & M.F., whitby, june 2018


"He was really attentive and took care and understood the little details. I would definitely recommend!"

T.G., Toronto, February 2018


"Mase was an impressive professional who went above and beyond our expectations, especially considering how quickly we needed to act!"



"Mase was great, very attentive and very patient with us. We saw a lot of properties and he was there every step of the way."

IMRAN khan, toronto, November 2017


"Sensitive and thorough. Mase was clear, helpful and kind. I'm so happy he was referred to us, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone buying or selling a property!"

nerina chiodo, toronto, October 2017